Monday, March 2, 2009

A Desperate Man

It's 12:15am on Tuesday, March 3rd. iTunes is downloading the new U2 Album "No Line On The Horizon" as I'm typing this. Hang on a sec----checking progress. Ok, back now and listening to the album. Specifically, the track "Breathe." I just saw the guys do this live on Letterman and they pulled me off the comfy cushions of my couch--literally to the edge of my seat! Bono had the studio audience on their feet--and I mean they were stoked! The audience looked like they were pulsing-no joke. There were people with their hands in the air, eyes closed--just being moved. And it was like it happened in an instant. One moment the camera showed the audience sitting there, somewhat getting into it. Then Bono gets to this section of the song and personalizes it by inserting New York:

"C'mon, New York-Get on your feet--Walk out into the street
Sing your heart out
The people we meet
Will not be drowned out
There’s nothing you have that I need
I can breathe
Breathe now
Yeah, yeah"

There was cheering when he had them stand. The command that Bono had over the crowd was truly amazing. Now I guess this is when I'll go and get a little weird for some people, but oh well (I've never really been too concerned about that anyway). There something about Bono that draws people to him. Yes--he has charisma--that's obvious. And yes--there aren't many rivals to him out there when it comes to social justice. But I see and hear something else about him--something that draws me in and helps me relate to his journey. He's completely accessible and transparent. His lyrics are often raw and sometimes similar to a stream of consciousness, albeit a poet's stream of consciousness, but nevertheless just his passion pouring out. There is a desperation in his voice--a longing for something better to come. I believe that he is longing for a new heaven and new earth. The more hurt and injustice he sees, the more he wants the newness to come--and come soon. I'm right there.