Friday, February 20, 2009

For Joanna

Hey Joanna--This post is really all about you. We shared your newsletter with the 5th-8th graders and some student leaders. After we shared with them all of the amazing things that God is doing through you guys, we gave them the opportunity to write to you! Enjoy! (And by the way--you are my HERO!) We love you and are so proud of you!


God is with you ALWAYS! He’ll never let you down
Emily Howell

Wow! It is so amazing what you’re doing – you’ve literally given up EVERYTHING to follow Jesus! You’ve inspired me to get serious about my faith and do whatever HE wants me to do, even if it’s hard. I’ll be praying for you! Keep up the good work,
Laura Beth

Hey! It was good hearing what you were doing. It is really sad but I still hope you are having fun!
Abrianna Busbee

I hope you have fun.
Calvin Smith

I’m a guy that rarely comes but I know what you’re doing is good, so good luck!

Hey Joanna! I miss you. You are doing awesome things! You have been inspiring everyone by what you are doing! Miss and love ya so much!
Taylor Stamper

You are such an inspiration to everyone around you. I know these past weeks have been hard, and I’m so glad that you’ve kept your faith strong. I know that times will be hard, but God will always be with you.
Laura Suddeath

Dear Joanna,
You’ve really inspired me. What you’re doing is really amazing.

I admire you so much for going out there and serving the Lord while doing what you love. I think that you are very strong and those kids are luck to have met you. I realized that you are coming back on my sister’s birthday! I don’t know I think it’s cool. I miss you. I’ll be praying for you. Safe travels,
Tabie Fugett

Dear Joanna,
I hope you are having fun and that you can help a lot of people.

God is always with you wherever you are.
Chase Gering

You are so inspirational. I look up to you. Nicky is counting the days until you come home. Thank you for the X-mas note.
Ethan Hackett

Hope you are having a little bit of fun. Hope things get better.
Georgie Busbee

Dear Joanna,
You’re doing the right thing. I just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers. I hope you’re healthy and happy. Live a good life.
Love, Delaney

Dear Joanna,
You did some amazing things! That’s great! Thank you for what you have done.
- Matt

Dear Joanna,
I think what you are doing is really cool. We miss you!
Reilly Adams (AKA Tyler Rouse’s little sister)

I hope you have fun.
Kyle Fuggett

Dear Joanna,
I hope that you will stay safe while you are there. I will pray for you.

So Joanna,
I was seriously gonna go home and e-mail you tonight then I showed up to youth group and Melanie said we were writing to you. You’ll probably get an e-mail too. I must admit, I’m a bit jealous of your strength and trust in the Lord. Your heart and spirit truly make an impact on everyone you meet. It was amazing to see the kids react to your story, especially the ones you know best. You are providing inspiration to the senior high kids. Having someone like you go out ahead of us and show that God will provide if it is His plan has given us strength to keep up with our ATG work. You should see our ATG event nights; it really is a beautiful thing to watch people come together who otherwise never would. You’re a lucky woman of God who gets to meet His people face to face. You really are being the hands, feet, and I guess eyes of God. You’ve shown me, us, and everyone how much you can do with God on your side. I will continue to pray for you, just as I have been. We miss you. I realize what you’re doing isn’t easy but it makes a difference worldwide. I LOVE YOU, JOANNA! Maybe it’s everyone being selfish but we all miss you and can’t wait for you to come home!
Love (and SO much more!),
Karlen Paxton

Evan says be careful.
Tyler says what you’re doing great, keep it up!
Takes a lot of courage to do what you’re doing

Dear Joanna,
You are amazing. I am so influenced by you. I love everything you’ve done. Amazing. Thank you,
Grayson S

Dear Joanna,
Wow you have inspired me with everything you have done. I hope to follow in your footsteps one day. I’ve never realized how bad the conditions are in Africa. I will definitely pray for you. You have a lot of faith and strength. God has shown me through you how to really live.
Lane Stafford

Hey it’s a great thing that you are doing and we are praying for you and Good Luck.
Luke Schmittou

Dear Joanna,
It’s so cool that you go to go and do that! We are praying for you.
Caroline Adams

Hey Joanna,
I just wanted to tell you how much you inspired me. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer and lately have wanted to join the army and I think that maybe when I graduate college, I can do what you do. It seems like a great way to serve God. Stay safe and keep on serving, you rock.
Katie Moon

Hi I hope you are having fun.
Lance Idema

It’s people like you that keep the world a better place to live! Good luck,

I really wanted to go with you. It must be fun and scary at the same time. I’m in 5th grade. My name is Emily. The story is amazing!!!
Emily H

I’ll pray for you.

I think what you are doing is awesome. Stay safe and good luck.
You are in all of our prayers.

I just wanna say that Harpeth is supporting you and so am I! I hope you have a great time!

You are doing amazing! I wouldn’t ever be able to do that!
Garrett O’Shea
Lydia Parker
Marabeth Kennedy

I hope that you have fun and are able to help many people.
Good luck,
Josh Filbey

I think what you are doing is AMAZING! It takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing! I pray for the best!

Dear Joanna,
We love all of the love and joy you’re spreading. Be careful out there. God bless you!
Ashley Nite

Hope you have fun.

Dear Joanna,
I hope you save a lot more children and your coffee shop makes de-caf!
Josh Burgos

Hey I love what you are doing in Africa.

Dear Joanna,
Thanks for what you are doing. I will continue to pray for you and the other people.
Austin Keyser

Dear Joanna:
You are sooo brave for doing what your doing. I’m sure your blessing other people’s lives. Hope you’re having fun.

I’m sorry this is hard and I hope it leaves an emotional and spiritual impression in your life, Please hang on. It’s amazing what you’re doing.
Becca West

Great job! People here are admiring your work.
Brian Lacey

I miss you so much. What you’re doing is so amazing and loving. When I heard your story I was so amazed of how much love you have for people.
Jasmine Sagginario

Hey Joanna,
It’s really great what you’re doing. We all miss you and you’ll be in my prayers.
Caleb West

This is absolutely amazing, what you are doing for these people! I will be praying for you!
Gretchen Sandahl