Thursday, December 11, 2008

Riley The Rocker

So I'm back. Been in hiding for a while. Kinda was in the blogging desert actually, but what happened this morning forced me back into the blogging world. Can I just say that I am incredibly proud of my daughter? Riley, at a whopping 3 years old, shocked the heck out of me this morning. We were on our way to drop her off at a friend's house. I was listening to some music, thinking about stuff I had to do today. Riley wasn't saying anything---just chillin' in the backseat. I thought this was probably due to the fact that she's not really a morning person. Most of the time she wakes up pretty cranky. Anyway, one of the harder songs comes on and she says, "Daddy", and I'm thinking she's going to tell me to turn it down cause she's not really awake yet. Instead she says, "Daddy, turn it up!" Turn it up?! What?! Heck yeah, I'll turn it up! The song is called "Kaliforn-eye-a" off of P.O.D.'s "When Angels and Serpents Dance" CD." It's one the hardest tracks and she wants me to crank it! So I cranked it up. Duh. To top it all off at the 3 minute mark (see link to song below) she made the rock out sign with her hand and started banging her head and laughing the whole time. Her album is due out this spring.

P.O.D. "Kaliforn-Eye-A"